Where Scent and Sound Collide

Light your candle and scan your custom QR code to be taken to a playlist that is sure to fit your mood. Or, listen to your playlist on your commute home, then light your candle for a relaxing night in. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to Treble. Flame. and Enjoy. our candles!


I absolutely love these candles!

Purple Rain and Ascension smell amazing- and the playlists? INCREDIBLE. I need them all.

Excellent service!

Wonderful product. Loved it so much, I purchased 20 for my besties.

When I opened the box I was in absolute awe!

From the packaging, to the handwritten note, to the smell that was creeping out of the box as I was opening, it was truly an EXPERIENCE. I can't wait to smell the candle on Christmas after its opened! Thanks Treble and Flame!! You make me proud to buy black :)

Our Mission

At Treble and Flame our mission is to create candles that burn cleaner and smell better than your average store bought candle. With our carefully curated playlists and beautifully scented candles you will be immersed in a multisensory experience sure to fit any mood or occasion. This is where scent and sound collide. It is the ultimate journey of creativity, passion and our love of black culture.

Treble. Flame. Enjoy.