How do I use my QR code?

Your QR code (which is conveniently located on a card inside of your candle box) is what you will use to access your playlists. 

Simply open the camera app on your phone and zoom into the code, within a few seconds a link will pop up.

Click on "Open "linktr.ee" in Safari, once there click on the music platform you subscribe to.

Click on your playlist and enjoy!


What do I do if my QR code isn't scanning?

If your QR code isn't scanning try the following steps:

Make sure that your camera lens is free of dirt and lint. Try using a lint free cloth to gently wipe off your lens.

Once your lens is clean hover over the QR code after opening your camera app and zoom in until "Open linktr.ee in Safari" appears at the top of your screen.

If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing your playlists after following the above steps please contact us so that we may assist you.